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Thursday October 15th - Departure from MCE Brussels at 09.h15. Return at 13.h00

Location: Vanheede Biomass Solutions, Quévy-le-grand
VANHEEDE ENVIRONMENT GROUP is an integrated environment company specialized in waste management and innovated environmental technologies. Their activities include internationally organized logistics solution for waste collection and waste treatment on their own sites. The site in Quévy processes biomass by fermentation. The produced biogas powers stationary engines producing heat and power. The power is send to the grid, while the heat from the jacket water cooling and the flue gas is used to heat up the buildings, the pasteurization process and other utilities in the plant. In spite of optimizing the heat use, there is still some remaining heat.The spare heat in this heating net is used by the E-RATIONAL ORC to produce electricity.
The machine used for this application is an E-RATIONAL ORC 55kWe. This machine is powered with hot water at an average temperature of 88°C. The available thermal power varies between 400 kW and 700 kW depending on the heat demand in the plant.