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For the first time in the history of ASME-ORC we will organise the Industry day "Bridging the gap between academia and industrial leaders in the field of ORC energy systems". The Industry Day will be held parallel on the second conference day on October 13th

All industry representatives and sponsors will get the opportunity to give a unique 10 minutes pitch. The fee for the pitch is included in all 3 sponsor packages. Others who are interested in giving a pitch can sign in on the online registration form. The fee will be € 400,- per pitch (excl. conference fee).

Presented Pitches
Session chair: Bruno Vanslambrouck
Room 1C/1D
Session A:
08.40 - GreetTech by David Brohall
08.50 - Ormat by
Dan Batscha
09.00 – Shaanxi Power by Guanghui Zhang
09.10 – Aqylon by Antonio Mendes Nazare
09.20 – Triogen by Henning von Barsewisch
09.30 - Thermax Ltd. by Ramakrisna R. Sonde 
09.40 - Panel discussion

10.00 BREAK

Session B:
10.30 – Enogia by Arthur Leroux
10.40 – Exergy by Marco Frassinetti
10.50 – Turboden by Mario Gaia
11.00 – SWEP - Kristian Ekstrand
11.10 – Eastman by Marco di Prima
11.20 – BEP by Joke Goethals
11.30 – Enertime by Fabien Michel
11.40 – Libertine by Sam Cockerill
11.50 – Atlas Copco by Pall Valdimarsson
11.50 - Panel discussion

Please upload your presentation before the start of Session A or during the break prior to Session B.